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Color Conundrum. Please Help! P.S. Weekend Paint Sale

I would like to introduce you to our front porch when we first moved in.

IMG_1809  IMG_1768

Lots of charm… along with water damage, peeling paint and super sweet paneling…

Thankfully the porch already had a new roof so the initial water problem was solved but it was time to repair the damage of the fascia and trim.

This was a pretty easy fix.  Even found the matching trim. We were very thankful to find that none of the actual structure was damaged, just rot on the exterior.  (Thanks dear husband for letting me direct you!)


After this I may have gotten a little curious to see what was under that paneling…


woooohooooo there is something there!!

After this I started to realize that at some point a previous owner built up the knee-wall a few inches and chopped off the column bases. The floor has a decent slope to it (which may or may not have been original) – it does appear that they built up this area to correct the slope on the roof but left everything else as is.

We assessed the rest of the porch and noted a few other areas of rot in the floor, large pieces of the sill plate around the porch were also missing. After a couple defeating trips to the lumber yard and salvage warehouse decided it was time to call someone who knew what they were doing.

This week has been much fun see things get repaired. We were very lucky to find little rot in the real porch structure however we did have carpenter ant’s on one side that could have done a lot more damage if it went longer unchecked!

So in the end we are getting a porch “tune-up” everything will be safe and sound, missing pieces replaced, bases on the columns, less dramatic slope to the floor. Everything is looking much much more proportional.


We are happily reusing the beadboard on the wall that was covered up and I found some matching pieces at the salvage warehouse to replace any rotted or broken boards. We just have a couple days of work left!

But now here is the trouble! COLOR TROUBLE!

We will be painting the entire house in another week. The white clapboard wall will become this beautiful blue teal. BEHR Premium Plus 8 oz. #S450-6 Tornado Season Interior/Exterior Paint SampleBEHR Premium Plus Ultra 1-gal. #S350-6 Truly Olive Satin Enamel Interior Paint

The columns and all the trim will pop in the white while the knee-wall will have a fun accent of olive.

That leaves the glorious dark wood bead-board ceiling which get cleaned and a fresh coat of poly. Now about the floor… this is where I need opinions! I work with mega amounts of color all week long in the studio which can leaved me drained when it is time to come home.

I would say 60-70% of the paint is already gone off of the porch floor so it could either be painted again or sanded and stained. I think a classic warm grey floor would be a love option – again I could paint or stain. I could also embrace that mix of old growth fir and new mahogony and stain it a more traditional wood color. My worry is that the dark floor and ceiling could compress the space.

BEHR Premium 8-oz. #ST144 Gray Seas Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing Wood Stain Sample

grey seas – stain

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra 1-gal. #N380-5 Naturalist Gray Semi-Gloss Enamel Exterior Paint

naturalist – paint

BEHR Premium 1-gal. #ST-110 Chestnut Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing Wood Stain

chestnut – stain

I have never had to maintain an open porch so any suggestions would be appreciated. Since I am sure areas will need to be shoveled in the snow will it be better to stain so there is less risk of chipping? Or will the paint be more resistant? Oh homeownership – do I over think things?

OHHHHHHHHHH! Also Home Depot is having a sale until July 6th – $10 rebate on Behr Paint and stains soooo run! (generally I only see $5 off)

Thank you interwebs people for your help!


Door Pt 2 – Goodbye Window Sheer!

I got the second coat of Spar-Urethane on the door now it was time to deal with the window treatment.

The last owners had left a light blue push-on sheer that worked fine for privacy. Again here is the interior of the door before I started the project.


               interior before

Recap from last week: I had stripped the red paint of the door exterior and stripped the varnish/lacquer off of the interior and freshened up the stain. In the midst of stripping I discovered the door interior was not a single color!


I decided to forgo any kind of curtain or shade and tested this frosted privacy film from Jo-Ann’s (yay for coupons!)


This is not a sticky product at all and was pretty easy to work with. It was very similar to those decorative stick on clings you might find for holidays. Just cut the cling to the right dimension, spritz the window with water and put it on smoothing out any bubbles. It is pretty easy to re-adjust so just take your time with it.


               two panes down – 4 to go



I am quite happy how this project turned out, now I will turn my attention to the front porch while searching for the perfect wreath to hang on the door.

Chevron Crazy Pillows

I know it’s everywhere but I loooooove chevron, loooooove it!

So obviously I needed to make some chevron pillows.


Baxter is becoming quite the model…

Anyway, I searched for a few days and online and could not find the right shade of yellow and size of print that I wanted. What was a diyer to do?? Oh yea spend some precious time by making her own print. Yay for freezer paper! Freezer paper makes a great stencil, if you iron with the shiney side down it will stick to your fabric allowing you to paint any shape that is cut out and then will peel off nicely when you are done. You may not be as crazy as I am but if you are… feel free to print this out (at least you can save a step)


I put this template together and just printed it out in gray scale on freezer paper. You do have to cut down the freezer paper to fit into your printer (print on non shiney side!) but you can cut and print the length as long as you would like. This is about 8.5″ x 18″. I was able to cut out a couple sheets of this while watching TV one evening.


now you can iron on your template and start to paint!


Freezer paper makes an excellent stencil! I used the general purpose Martha Stewart paint, it said it was permanent on fabric so I figured might as well try.

Once your paint is dry and you have the dimensions you want, square up and cut out your face (remember to add 1/2″ seam allowances to your desired finished size.)

I wanted to make a simple contrast flange that was pleated in the corner. For this I just cut a length of fabric and folded it in half (I cut 3″ wide so I would have a 1″ wide flange in the end.)


I marked my corners for the pleats, 1/2″ from the edges so I would know where to clip and turn my flange plus another 3/4″ from that mark for my pleat.


I sewed all around just under 1/2″ so I would not worry about seeing this stitch line when it was all together.


When sewing on your back maker sure you pleat is folded like this so the extra fabric does not get caught in your seam (you can always pin it to be safe.)

I chose to make a pillow sham where the back is two pieces that overlap for a couple of inches (makes a nice pocket to put your pillow form in.) You can always just sew on a back that is the same size as your face, just remember to leave enough unsewn to stuff and then hand sew it up.

*Hint* If you are stuffing your own pillow rather than using a premade form – make your own form with scrap fabric that finishes to 1″ bigger than your actual pillow size. (cut 2″ bigger than finished size, so if your pillow will be 12″ x 12″ cut 14″x14″) The extra bit will help fill out your corners.


remember to just have fun! it’s a pillow