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Reboot 102: New House Edition!

Hi all!

I see I still have a few followers out there. It is has been quite a long time since I last checked in. I never really got into the flow of keeping up with this blog but heck why not try it again?

I have been super super busy as of late because I am the now the proud owner of an amazing house!


Kevin and I had searched high and low for almost a year and we finally stumbled on this 1925 Dutch Colonial with Arts and Crafts flair. I knew I had to have an older home and thankfully we found one that still has a lot of the characteristics that resonate with me left intact.


Although this house needs some work, we are ready to help it really shine.

Please share any stories you may have about your first house or projects that you dealt with in an older home!


Settling In


It has been a couple of weeks since our big move and we are getting settled in to our new apartment.

Here is a sneak peak at me new sewing room!


I still have some cleaning and organizing but it is getting there. I now have a large closet to house my fabrics, however that little pup-pup keeps climbing right in and helping himself.

Most of this was just transplanted from my last apartment but I want to share the older posts on the curtains and cutting/pressing table.

I also wanted to share this fantastic print called “Alice’s Sewing Basket” from artist Jillian Nickell. I bought the print at the Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philly last spring but finally found a frame and got a mat cut for it. Looking back at her etsy page now I remember how much I enjoy all of her work, hmmm I may need to purchase some more of her prints.


The moving process has been quite successful and I may be able to share the new living room with you soon but I still need to pick up a few more pieces (great craigslist coffee table coming today!) So check back soon.