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An Honest Blogging Discussion

I know I know I have not gotten into a good habit about posting, so how am I ever going to have a fantastic blog? Meh I will figure out a way.

More importantly… anyone else frustrated with WordPress? I feel like 7 out of 10 times I open it up, my reader will never load so I miss out on reading and discovering some great blogs out there. Plus if I can’t read your blog how is someone going to read mine? Anyone else out there thinking about switching or have already made the switch to an alternative hosting site?


Overcoming Procrastination?

Hello, I am a procrastinator. I admit it. I have tried for years to be better about time management and organization but I understand now that approach does not work for me. I like to think I am a daydreamer and I am always “doing something” however it seems like I end up researching the proper ways of doing something more that actually doing it… which is kind of what I am doing now too.

I envy my husband, he has the ability to make a to-do list and actually get it done on time. He doesn’t understand the way I work and I guess I really don’t understand the way he works. If I could I would “just do it.” But alas I may get very excited about a project and I will put up imaginary walls that I must overcome before I get to it. 

I would like to say, “Today is the day, I am starting over with a fresh new attitude and approach.” However today is the day that I asking for help, any other procrastinators out there? Has anything helped you?