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Color Conundrum. Please Help! P.S. Weekend Paint Sale

I would like to introduce you to our front porch when we first moved in.

IMG_1809  IMG_1768

Lots of charm… along with water damage, peeling paint and super sweet paneling…

Thankfully the porch already had a new roof so the initial water problem was solved but it was time to repair the damage of the fascia and trim.

This was a pretty easy fix.  Even found the matching trim. We were very thankful to find that none of the actual structure was damaged, just rot on the exterior.  (Thanks dear husband for letting me direct you!)


After this I may have gotten a little curious to see what was under that paneling…


woooohooooo there is something there!!

After this I started to realize that at some point a previous owner built up the knee-wall a few inches and chopped off the column bases. The floor has a decent slope to it (which may or may not have been original) – it does appear that they built up this area to correct the slope on the roof but left everything else as is.

We assessed the rest of the porch and noted a few other areas of rot in the floor, large pieces of the sill plate around the porch were also missing. After a couple defeating trips to the lumber yard and salvage warehouse decided it was time to call someone who knew what they were doing.

This week has been much fun see things get repaired. We were very lucky to find little rot in the real porch structure however we did have carpenter ant’s on one side that could have done a lot more damage if it went longer unchecked!

So in the end we are getting a porch “tune-up” everything will be safe and sound, missing pieces replaced, bases on the columns, less dramatic slope to the floor. Everything is looking much much more proportional.


We are happily reusing the beadboard on the wall that was covered up and I found some matching pieces at the salvage warehouse to replace any rotted or broken boards. We just have a couple days of work left!

But now here is the trouble! COLOR TROUBLE!

We will be painting the entire house in another week. The white clapboard wall will become this beautiful blue teal. BEHR Premium Plus 8 oz. #S450-6 Tornado Season Interior/Exterior Paint SampleBEHR Premium Plus Ultra 1-gal. #S350-6 Truly Olive Satin Enamel Interior Paint

The columns and all the trim will pop in the white while the knee-wall will have a fun accent of olive.

That leaves the glorious dark wood bead-board ceiling which get cleaned and a fresh coat of poly. Now about the floor… this is where I need opinions! I work with mega amounts of color all week long in the studio which can leaved me drained when it is time to come home.

I would say 60-70% of the paint is already gone off of the porch floor so it could either be painted again or sanded and stained. I think a classic warm grey floor would be a love option – again I could paint or stain. I could also embrace that mix of old growth fir and new mahogony and stain it a more traditional wood color. My worry is that the dark floor and ceiling could compress the space.

BEHR Premium 8-oz. #ST144 Gray Seas Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing Wood Stain Sample

grey seas – stain

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra 1-gal. #N380-5 Naturalist Gray Semi-Gloss Enamel Exterior Paint

naturalist – paint

BEHR Premium 1-gal. #ST-110 Chestnut Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing Wood Stain

chestnut – stain

I have never had to maintain an open porch so any suggestions would be appreciated. Since I am sure areas will need to be shoveled in the snow will it be better to stain so there is less risk of chipping? Or will the paint be more resistant? Oh homeownership – do I over think things?

OHHHHHHHHHH! Also Home Depot is having a sale until July 6th – $10 rebate on Behr Paint and stains soooo run! (generally I only see $5 off)

Thank you interwebs people for your help!


Last year I had a wonderful garden that I started planning in January. I had a great big plot at the local community garden where I planted anything and everything. I feasted on green beans and had never tasted such sweet corn. This year I knew would be different, when the time came to renew my plot I knew it would be best to release it to the next gardener. We had yet to find out house but I was hopeful it would happen soon and I could not imagine trying to take care of that size garden while working with a new home.

Thankfully I plenty of space to work with now but I did not want to dive in too deep with the never ending other projects I now have on my plate. Although I started later than I had wished I was able to dig up this small flower bed that was left with 95% weeds some sedum, a few hosta and a rose bush. This will be a good place to start.


lawn and leaf bags are great for keeping down the weeds!

Here is a progress pic after I had taken care of most of the weeds… I used lawn and leaf bags with holes cut out as a type of mulch to help suppress any weeds from popping up. I can then cover with top soil so, the bag will most likely have broken down by the end of the season and in the fall I can continue to build up nice healthy soil.

I have lettuce, tomato, basil, sage, parsley, cilantro, thyme and some green beans of course that will come up soon! The area is not full sun but I figured everything will be fine and I can always move the tomatoes later on if they need more sun. Not shown are my two new blueberry bushes and lavender (okay it took me days to plant the lavender because I just kept picking it up to smell it.)


grow delicious food grow!

This garden is itty bitty compared to last year but I am pretty excited, I bought everything except for beans as starters since it is already June. How are your gardens growing?

Now here is a picture of Baxter helping me because everyone needs a dose of fuzzy cuteness!


Happy Gardening!

A Facelift for the Deck

When we moved into our house we were happy that there was a fairly new small deck that the previous owners had built. Sure it was not really finished… but that was something we could handle.


We planned on trimming the excess boards down and putting some kind of face board on. However it only took two days of me staring at those 2 giant seams to decide that this needed to be a bigger project if I was going to have to look at it for a good number of years.


once you notice the seam you can’t unsee it!!

Props to anyone who takes it on themselves to build a deck. It takes a little while longer but if you are using only 8′ boards you may want to think about staggering them – of course this is my personal taste and I do not mean any disrespect to the previous owners who put this in.

After a couple of quick youtube videos to introduce ourselves to the world of decking we set off to unscrew, cut and put the top board back on. We also flipped the “up” side of many of the boards to reduce cupping depending on the grain of the wood. This inadvertently created a beautiful variegated pattern!


I was the master cutter and planner while Kevin did the majority of driving.


Here is Baxter enjoying his new yard!

We did have to add a few boards by the end and of course close off around the open edges. It has been a good few weeks that it was time to stain it! I like the natural color but I we figured we would try a semi-transparent stain since we will have plenty of maintenance to keep up with elsewhere in the house.



now I better keep going on the garden!

New Life for Old Steps

It was March when we put our purchase offer in on our new old house. This means we really had no idea what our yard would look like since it was covered in snow. We did know that there was a walkway with steps leading up from the street…however they were covered in ice so we figured we would learn more later.

Well later came and it was obvious that these concrete steps had seen better days.


*Note this picture was taken after quite a bit of cleaning… the bottom step was a surprise to us since it was covered in an inch and a half of dirt and grass…

Well after cleaning some more and a few youtube videos we were off to pick-up some concrete to help these last a little while longer.

100 + lbs of cement-all later this is what we have


I know it is not perfect but I am happy with the results. I had neighbors walking by to ask if I was Italian. Italian by osmosis but I am sure it was the Irish mason father of mine that pushed me to give it a try.

We have some other steps in the back that need some love but I am brainstorming a different type of facelift… maybe some type of tile or painted design over the existing steps? Any ideas?

A Working Weekend

Noooo the weekend is pretty much over!! Boooooooo

Anyway my last post was about my frustration over procrastination. I had quite a productive weekend, mostly doing house and garden work.

I just wanted to give you a quick update on  my tomatoes since they are making me so happy!



I made me new garden box earlier this spring and it has filled out with my roma’s and basil (a couple marigolds are also thrown in for good measure.)




We had a wee problem with groundhogs earlier in the season but luckily 6 of them have found new homes and I haven’t had any issues since. I came out one morning to find the tomatoes chomped right down (I guess it could have been a deer too) but they have certainly bounced back, so far it looks like on one of my 4 plants I will have at least 50 tomatoes!


I will have to share my bean progress soon too. How is your garden growing?

Lovely Weather!

Woohoo, I was greeted by an almost 60 degree Saturday. However I spent most of it building a new raised bed in front of my porch. It isn’t quite done yet, but pics soon!

Apologies for my hiatus, I have been busy and promise to get back with some new posts soon.

Happy Spring