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blarrrrghhhhhhhhh wordpress!

I have been trying to update for days but WP won’t load any of my pics. 

How is summer going for you all?

I would love to share some of my latest projects with you but in the mean time I hope everyone out there has been having a great and productive summer!


New Sewing Machine update!

I just realized that I never told you what sewing machine I decided on! The Brother PC420:


After a lot of comparison I decided to give this model a shot. It has a lot of functions that I most likely will never use but decided to go for it due to 2 things most machines did not have:

– an automatic thread cutter – which is wonderful! However it is a little slow, but hey I actually get my threads clipped now.

– a knee lift! I didn’t even think about this feature when I first started looking but once I realized that I could get it, there was no turning back! I absolutely love having it. Since I work with industrials during the day I come home and automatically try to lift the presser foot with my knee only to have the moment of confusion… well not anymore!

So what do I think overall? I love this machine and have had it for a couple of months now. Those features are nice and I love the automatic needle threader (the one on my old machine never worked correctly.) The stitches are very easy to control and overall it is a nice machine. Ideally I would have liked something a little more heavy duty and I feel like the snap on feet aren’t as sturdy as they could be. But for a middle of the road machine with some great features I still think it was a great deal. 

What are your favorite features on your machine that you just couldn’t give up?

A Striped Summer Skirt

A have been very motivated to continue working through my fabric stash. I had this wonderful striped shirting that I believe at one point I intended to make a blouse out of… well that went the wayside and now I a new skirt for the summer!



Hrrmm forgive the poor quality of the photo, I cropped it so you could see the stripes but you can’t see all the topstitching. We are in the no judging zone here anyway- right fellow sewists?

 I made the pattern for a basic princess pencil skirt and thought it would be fun to play with the direction of the stripe. Thankfully matching the stripe was one of the easier matches I have had to do. I decided to line it (woohoo using more stash fabric) just to be on the safe side with such a light color. I am quite pleased and can add something new to my wardrobe for the season. 

How is your warm weather sewing going?

Back to The Fitting Room

I found the Butterick 5315 pattern that has I bought maybe 5 years ago… It was Fast and Easy as the title suggested but it still needs some tweaking. 



I had done some original pattern corrections before cutting out the dress but more were needed. The majority of my corrections were in the height and I curved all the darts (it always fits so much nicer) along with taking some width out of the back. Well I had tried on the dress at a couple of stages and had to take more out of the back and added darts in the shoulder area. Ideally I should have compensated for this with the shape of the bodice front shoulder but I had hoped it would all work out. 



Boooooooooo, didn’t work that way and now my bodice front is collapsing (well duh, why did I not think this one through?) I tried to band-aid it by throwing in some stays between the neck and armscye. 


Can you see where the extra fabric is and where the dress naturally wants to go? Well I will try putting in some small darts or I may have to put a seam to change the angle of the shoulder. I’ll show you again once it is fitting better (I a little more will also come out of the skirt back.)

Happy Sewing!

Welcoming Spring: McCall’s M6754



Surprise! I went on another multi-month hiatus… I could make promises not to do it again… or we will just see what happens.

Anywho, I had broken my camera before Christmas so I will use that as an excuse not to post. Thankfully I just got a great craigslist find so I am back in the game.

The sun is shining and I am ready for warmer weather. I decided it was time to start tackling my backlogged patterns and fabric stash. This pattern (M6754) looked like an easy peasy fun way to welcome spring. I chose a standard cotton blend knit and decided to forgo the top-stitching directions and add my own bands. 

This style comes together super quickly however next time I will definitely drop down a size and make a few other alterations. Since I am super short (a towering 5′ 0″) – I made some quick adjustments but will do even more on my next version. 


Just to warn any of you out there that feel like whipping this up – the bust dart is designed very high and you may want to lower it (I took half an inch off for my shortiness but it is still high on me. The pictures on the envelope do show it quite high.) I also thing that the peplum of the shirt version is very short, I added an inch and a half (next time I think just an inch will do, but again I am short.) At first I thought that perhaps I lost some of the general length while shortening the bodice but the waist seam hits right at my natural waist like the pattern intends. 

Once you get the sizing figured out this is definitely one of those super easy patterns that you can knock out a few variations in an afternoon. I will definitely be trying out the short sleeve version along with the dress.

What are you working on for the warmer months?

Help me pick a new sewing machine, pretty please!

Happy Holidays!


After Christmas I am going to finally get myself a new sewing machine, my poor basic Kenmore has been with be since for 10 years but it hasn’t wanted to really cooperate for a large chunk that time. I am looking forward to spending more time sewing rather that yelling at my machine. Thankfully my grandmother’s singer has helped me survive to this point but it is only a straight stitch and need a little bit of versatility.

I am looking for any and all suggestions from you other sewer’s out there. What do you like or not like? I really stick to sewing clothing, accessories and some home dec. I have no need for embroidery and quilting features. I use industrial machines at work so I am use to something that has speed and power.

I have always heard wonderful things about Bernina however my only experiences with them have not been great at all…
Brother of course in another brand that everyone raves about but I have not used them. I have really enjoyed a couple of Janome’s.

help! Are you missing anything on your machine that you would really like or were surprised by something you thought you would never use?

A Quilted Skirt

I have been on a skirt kick and have lately been oogling some quilted variations.

Image 2 of ASOS A-Line Quilted SkirtGUMZZI - Faux-Leather Asymmetric-Hem Quilted Miniskirt

MSGM | Quilted Skirt | ModeWalk


I think during these chilly winter months a nice thicker skirt with some great tights and boots is so much fun.

I am hoping after Christmas to get to work sewing my own. Luckily I have found a treasure trove of quilted and matelasse fabrics that I think will work just fine although they are technically labeled as home dec fabrics.

What do you think of these?

Adele Matelasse PurpleWaverly Full Circle Matelasse Blue Marine