Last year I had a wonderful garden that I started planning in January. I had a great big plot at the local community garden where I planted anything and everything. I feasted on green beans and had never tasted such sweet corn. This year I knew would be different, when the time came to renew my plot I knew it would be best to release it to the next gardener. We had yet to find out house but I was hopeful it would happen soon and I could not imagine trying to take care of that size garden while working with a new home.

Thankfully I plenty of space to work with now but I did not want to dive in too deep with the never ending other projects I now have on my plate. Although I started later than I had wished I was able to dig up this small flower bed that was left with 95% weeds some sedum, a few hosta and a rose bush. This will be a good place to start.


lawn and leaf bags are great for keeping down the weeds!

Here is a progress pic after I had taken care of most of the weeds… I used lawn and leaf bags with holes cut out as a type of mulch to help suppress any weeds from popping up. I can then cover with top soil so, the bag will most likely have broken down by the end of the season and in the fall I can continue to build up nice healthy soil.

I have lettuce, tomato, basil, sage, parsley, cilantro, thyme and some green beans of course that will come up soon! The area is not full sun but I figured everything will be fine and I can always move the tomatoes later on if they need more sun. Not shown are my two new blueberry bushes and lavender (okay it took me days to plant the lavender because I just kept picking it up to smell it.)


grow delicious food grow!

This garden is itty bitty compared to last year but I am pretty excited, I bought everything except for beans as starters since it is already June. How are your gardens growing?

Now here is a picture of Baxter helping me because everyone needs a dose of fuzzy cuteness!


Happy Gardening!


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