Getting Back to Business!

Happy Autumn!

Hope everyone had a wonderful summer; mine was filled with gardening, house hunting and not blogging…

I started a new project today – a fun bright purse. Since I would be using two different colors of thread I decided to dust off another machine.


I love this SInger 15-91 especially for topstitching. This machine belonged to my grandmother; I am so thankful that it has another home with me. This machine has powered through the last 73 years and I plan on making sure it sews for many many more years. Look how lovely the stitch on this strap is! I still have never seen a newer domestic machine stitch so straight.


I was hoping to get the purse finished tonight and had planned to bind all the edges using the fancy schmancy binder attachment. It was my first time really using the attachment and it work great! Well it worked great on one piece of fabric but 2 pieces was just too thick (it is heavy upholstery fabric.) Alas, not finishing tonight and I will go to plan B – piping!

IMG_1490 IMG_1492

Stay tuned for the finished product. Do you have a binding attachment that you love? I want to bind eveeeeeeeeerrryyything now!


One comment

  1. atkokosplace

    I’m taking a sewing class right now. I’m excited about it. How wonderful that you have your grandmothers machine and it works so beautifully!!!! How awesome is that?! Best, Koko

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