New Sewing Machine update!

I just realized that I never told you what sewing machine I decided on! The Brother PC420:


After a lot of comparison I decided to give this model a shot. It has a lot of functions that I most likely will never use but decided to go for it due to 2 things most machines did not have:

– an automatic thread cutter – which is wonderful! However it is a little slow, but hey I actually get my threads clipped now.

– a knee lift! I didn’t even think about this feature when I first started looking but once I realized that I could get it, there was no turning back! I absolutely love having it. Since I work with industrials during the day I come home and automatically try to lift the presser foot with my knee only to have the moment of confusion… well not anymore!

So what do I think overall? I love this machine and have had it for a couple of months now. Those features are nice and I love the automatic needle threader (the one on my old machine never worked correctly.) The stitches are very easy to control and overall it is a nice machine. Ideally I would have liked something a little more heavy duty and I feel like the snap on feet aren’t as sturdy as they could be. But for a middle of the road machine with some great features I still think it was a great deal. 

What are your favorite features on your machine that you just couldn’t give up?


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