A Striped Summer Skirt

A have been very motivated to continue working through my fabric stash. I had this wonderful striped shirting that I believe at one point I intended to make a blouse out of… well that went the wayside and now I a new skirt for the summer!



Hrrmm forgive the poor quality of the photo, I cropped it so you could see the stripes but you can’t see all the topstitching. We are in the no judging zone here anyway- right fellow sewists?

 I made the pattern for a basic princess pencil skirt and thought it would be fun to play with the direction of the stripe. Thankfully matching the stripe was one of the easier matches I have had to do. I decided to line it (woohoo using more stash fabric) just to be on the safe side with such a light color. I am quite pleased and can add something new to my wardrobe for the season. 

How is your warm weather sewing going?



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