Back to The Fitting Room

I found the Butterick 5315 pattern that has I bought maybe 5 years ago… It was Fast and Easy as the title suggested but it still needs some tweaking. 



I had done some original pattern corrections before cutting out the dress but more were needed. The majority of my corrections were in the height and I curved all the darts (it always fits so much nicer) along with taking some width out of the back. Well I had tried on the dress at a couple of stages and had to take more out of the back and added darts in the shoulder area. Ideally I should have compensated for this with the shape of the bodice front shoulder but I had hoped it would all work out. 



Boooooooooo, didn’t work that way and now my bodice front is collapsing (well duh, why did I not think this one through?) I tried to band-aid it by throwing in some stays between the neck and armscye. 


Can you see where the extra fabric is and where the dress naturally wants to go? Well I will try putting in some small darts or I may have to put a seam to change the angle of the shoulder. I’ll show you again once it is fitting better (I a little more will also come out of the skirt back.)

Happy Sewing!



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