Welcoming Spring: McCall’s M6754



Surprise! I went on another multi-month hiatus… I could make promises not to do it again… or we will just see what happens.

Anywho, I had broken my camera before Christmas so I will use that as an excuse not to post. Thankfully I just got a great craigslist find so I am back in the game.

The sun is shining and I am ready for warmer weather. I decided it was time to start tackling my backlogged patterns and fabric stash. This pattern (M6754) looked like an easy peasy fun way to welcome spring. I chose a standard cotton blend knit and decided to forgo the top-stitching directions and add my own bands. 

This style comes together super quickly however next time I will definitely drop down a size and make a few other alterations. Since I am super short (a towering 5′ 0″) – I made some quick adjustments but will do even more on my next version. 


Just to warn any of you out there that feel like whipping this up – the bust dart is designed very high and you may want to lower it (I took half an inch off for my shortiness but it is still high on me. The pictures on the envelope do show it quite high.) I also thing that the peplum of the shirt version is very short, I added an inch and a half (next time I think just an inch will do, but again I am short.) At first I thought that perhaps I lost some of the general length while shortening the bodice but the waist seam hits right at my natural waist like the pattern intends. 

Once you get the sizing figured out this is definitely one of those super easy patterns that you can knock out a few variations in an afternoon. I will definitely be trying out the short sleeve version along with the dress.

What are you working on for the warmer months?



  1. Mynti Phresh

    Thank you for stating to lengthen the skirt of the peplum. I’m 5’8 and hate it when the torso is too short.

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