Help me pick a new sewing machine, pretty please!

Happy Holidays!


After Christmas I am going to finally get myself a new sewing machine, my poor basic Kenmore has been with be since for 10 years but it hasn’t wanted to really cooperate for a large chunk that time. I am looking forward to spending more time sewing rather that yelling at my machine. Thankfully my grandmother’s singer has helped me survive to this point but it is only a straight stitch and need a little bit of versatility.

I am looking for any and all suggestions from you other sewer’s out there. What do you like or not like? I really stick to sewing clothing, accessories and some home dec. I have no need for embroidery and quilting features. I use industrial machines at work so I am use to something that has speed and power.

I have always heard wonderful things about Bernina however my only experiences with them have not been great at all…
Brother of course in another brand that everyone raves about but I have not used them. I have really enjoyed a couple of Janome’s.

help! Are you missing anything on your machine that you would really like or were surprised by something you thought you would never use?


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  1. char83

    When looking for a sewing machine, I wanted a sewing machine that has adjustable stitch length & width, presser foot adjustments, be able to sew a variety of fabrics (my previous one didn’t like knit fabric). I just got my new Pfaff Ambition Essential at the beginning of December. It was able to handle all the doll clothes I threw at it one weekend. No skipped stitching in the denim jeans.

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