A Dyeing Day

I have been in the midst of packing to move so I have been quite busy and probably won’t have too many frequent posts for a while until we get settled in to our new place in upstate NY.

Anyway while thinking about the unavoidable cold winter I decided that I would like a new coat. A purple coat that is! While I have been sorting and packing I uncovered a pattern that I already have – Simplicity 2311. Thankfully I have a nice heavier fabric to do a mock up so I am sure I will be updating when I get there.

Ideally, I wanted this project to be fairly low cost and thankfully found some wool in my stash. It was actually a heavy woven drapery wool that the designer gave to me from work. I love when the remnants are too small for most home dec projects but just right for clothing!

The only problem was the natural creaminess of the fabric:



Now I figured alright – free wool I can try to dye this right? Well I figured something like this I should do a little research since my extensive dyeing knowledge involves throwing a box of RIT in the wash…

Most people recommend acid dyes for wools and I found Dharma Trading offered quite a selection of colors. Frankly when push came to shove I didn’t feel like ordered the dye and after consulting my dear friend Robin from Sew Loud I just went with the Rit anyway.

The person who wrang me out at Joann’s even tried to talk me out of using the Rit on the wool but I I read the instructions carefully and was determined with enough heat and vinegar I would make this work!




Now THAT is purple!


I am in love with the color it turned out to be – I used 2 bottles of the purple with a half bottle of wine. I used the washing machine as a large tub and let it fill with hot water while I use a broom handle to carefully agitate the dye bath to help the color stay even. I did not want to accidently felt the wool so I had to carefully choose my settings to let it rinse and drain. Thankfully due to a very wet basement and washer issues in the past we have a manual washer where you can turn the dial and have much more control over the machine versus one of those fancy HE machines. Warning to anyone with a moist basement… don’t get a washer that is automated because the sensors will short out in a year or two…

Alrighty that is it for today and I will keep you posted on WINTER COAT PROJECT 2013.


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