Corset Done!

Woohoo, I am well on my way to building the proper foundation for my bustle dress.

In my last post I showed my mock-up but now I actually have a lacing corset ready.


I am getting terrible light right now so apologies for the crappy pic!
I used cotton duck and faced the corset with a white sateen and added ivory sateen boning channels.

This was a fun project that just shows what boning really does to a garment.

This pic was taken before the grommets were in (just used knit fabric in the back.) The right side of the picture (my left) has cheapy cable ties as bones whiles the left side is unboned for the moment. The job of the boning is to keep the fabric from collapsing and wrinkling, you can see quite the difference between the two sides.

For my binding I wanted to add a little lace trim on top. I cut 1.5″ bias strips and sewed my lace on with using the edge of my presser foot as a guide.

Once the lace was sewn on I pressed the seam allowance back to the edge of seam (1/4″) and then pressed the remaining side in to meet raw edges.

Fold and pressed at the edge joint and voila!

Trim that can be topstitched on in one step! The folding method leaves a large enough lip on the wrong side that you won’t have to worry about catching it with your topstitching.

Of course after sewing the binding on I realized that I had initially put a bone in my placket hiding my zipper… and it fell out. Soo my placket isn’t quite as lovely and wrinkle free as I had hoped but I may go back quickly pop it back in, we’ll see. I am still pretty pleased with my end result.

Happy Sewing!


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