Shoes! I’m in LURVE!

Generally the shoe stores and I do not get along… at all.

Today however I was pleasantly surprised with the fall styles coming in. When shopping I have 3 distinct things that my shoes must fill – size – 1.) 5.5-6 which is harder than you may think to find shoes that actually fit. 2.) Vegan – I just can’t deal with leather which limits my choices quite a bit. 3.) Comfort and Construction – why oh why are there always adorable ballet flats with no support that the fabric will just shred within 3 hours from at the toes?!?!?! grrrrrrr

Anyway enough ranting – I found something beautiful today!

Crown Vintage Pippin Flat | DSW


OH how I love that classic brogue style. Perhaps it just reminds my of my saddle shoes when I was younger. But look at them, classic, t-strap and small wedge! I am sadly not one for heels although I am quite lacking in the height department… I max out around 1.5″ heels. I did try on a couple of cute brogue styles but these actually had some nice support to them. Thank you DSW for showing these to me.

After my shopping trip I decided I would do a quick search for similar styles… I may also need these:

How About Wow? Flat in Sunflower | Mod Retro Vintage Flats |

thank you so much MODCloth




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