Trends: What is After the Peplum?

A stroll through the mall tonight left me somewhat surprised. THE PEPLUM, it has been hot on the scene for a while now and frankly 9 times out of 10 it still looks drastically 80’s to me. I am seeing some more pleated versions and some that are a little extra flouncy but I feel like there can be better designs with this element. I may also just be a little irritated since this is not a great off the rack style for a short lady with prominent hips. With that being said any short hippy ladies out there – don’t worry the look is totally doable but it just needs to be proportioned to you and fall in the right places!

Here is an adorable version for the non height challenged out there thanks to ModCloth


Anyway, it seems so blah to me that this is the shapeliest popular fashion available in the mall today. There are racks and racks of flowing tunics and what is up with the armscye cut to a waist line? I understand the concept of layering but who wants to draw attention to you the side of your ribcage?

…running on a tangent again… apologies…

So the question is – what is next? The 90’s trend is coming in full force (remember when it came back in 2003? I was all over that plaid!) There is plaid flannel everywhere and all the magazines are telling us to dust off those combat boots. Now that the peplum is one of the few instances that we see a waistline in fast fashion… do you think by spring that waistline will rise a tad keeping the popular flowing fabric… you know mixing with this grunge energy…

babydoll dresses?
byCORPUS Plaid Babydoll Dress

I do enjoy the very My So-called Life look going on with the glimpse of red hair. Not that this style will look any better on me but it could be fun and a slight breath of fresh air from the completely shapeless trend that stores have been stuck in… we are just adding a little more volume and flair.


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