A Working Weekend

Noooo the weekend is pretty much over!! Boooooooo

Anyway my last post was about my frustration over procrastination. I had quite a productive weekend, mostly doing house and garden work.

I just wanted to give you a quick update on  my tomatoes since they are making me so happy!



I made me new garden box earlier this spring and it has filled out with my roma’s and basil (a couple marigolds are also thrown in for good measure.)




We had a wee problem with groundhogs earlier in the season but luckily 6 of them have found new homes and I haven’t had any issues since. I came out one morning to find the tomatoes chomped right down (I guess it could have been a deer too) but they have certainly bounced back, so far it looks like on one of my 4 plants I will have at least 50 tomatoes!


I will have to share my bean progress soon too. How is your garden growing?


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