I guess we must be getting shorter??

hurrumph! *throws hands up in the air* I give up, I give up. I will just be wearing a sheet wrapped around me for the rest of my life because that will fit better than anything else apparently.

Maybe it is just me, in which case you can just think of me as the short sheet wearing crazy lady… but I swear clothing is being made for a longer and longer torso.

I am very short, 5′ 0″. I understand that petite clothing is made for 5′ 4″ but at one point I was able to find clothing that was at least passable in the fit department. This summer season I have not been able to find a tank or t-shirt that fit correctly.

Yesterday I stopped by the craft store to pick up the cheap plain cotton t-shirts with the intention of fitting them… but ughhhh just so horrendous. I can see that the popular style has been very relaxed lately but I am just so tired of not being able to find new basic items, and if I do I need to buy 2 because everything so thin it needs to be layered.

Today I was at the mall; after a failing dressing room session I began to notice that I may not be the only one with this problem… There were 2 other women, taller than me, in the check out however their shirts did not fit properly either – again it was the length. As I walked out of the store and through the center of the mall I noticed almost everyone had the bagginess right above the bustline and straps wanting to fall off or armholes that were 2 inches too long…

gahhhhh, I am not alone, but we can’t dress ourselves apparently.

The strange thing is that I have seen the updated ASTM measurements from data collected over the last few years and the sizing is just a smidge shorter in the CF and CB neck to waist area than in previous decades. We are mainly talking 1/8-1/4″ for the most part so it’s really not much of a change but that just makes me question where the heck the measurements are coming from that these companies are using to make their blocks. ughhhhhhhhhhh
That is my rant for the weekend, now if you will excuse me I am hoping to find a lovely floral print sheet and perhaps some brooches to complete my ensemble for the week.



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