Fabric Shopping in Portland and Seattle

I am just a short week away from vacation. SQUEEE!!!  My journey will be taking me to Portland and Seattle (along with many other places in the NW.) If anyone out there is reading this… please help! I would love suggestions for fabric shopping, actually I will happily take any suggestions for things to do.

I wish I could say we have some wonderful shops here in Philadelphia but I am pretty sure most of the stock has been sitting around fabric row for decades.

Thanks a bunch!



  1. girlguydogcat

    Hi- I was out in Portland last month for work and my colleague recommended the Mill End store. It was great – every sort of apparel fabric you could want. Here in Columbus, where I live, there are no apparel fabric stores other than Joann and a couple bolts at quilting shops. It was wonderful to wander the rows feeling all the fabric since I typically have to buy online. The store is nothing fancy – a big warehouse type space whith tons of rows of fabric sorted by type. The woolrich store is in the area too but I didn’t visit. I was glad I had an expandable suitcase! Not sure this link will work but here’s an Instagram I took while there: http://instagram.com/p/ZZE2SJEcKb/ Enjoy your vacation!

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