Needle in a Haystack

Long or short? Thick or thin?
It seems to me everyone has their own preference when it comes to hand needles. There are certainly plenty to choose from. Image

I myself prefer a longer and skinnier needle for most projects. I guess I have lost/broken all of my favorite needles since all of them have seemed “just not right” lately.
My latest project is a friend’s dress that involves a lovely chiffon overlay. I rejoiced when I found the perfect needle for this project! A super duper skinny beading needle! I am pretty sure I bought this pack of John James’ and couldn’t actually use it for the beads I intended… but luckily I held on to it. Image

see how thin it is compared to the others I had! Perfection. These needles are sharp and flexible, I have a tendency to put a little bend in mine. I have had other thin needles that just snap but these are pretty magical and have a springiness to them.

Now I know these won’t be the best for every situation but for this project… it will slice through 5 layers of light-midweight fabric like buttahhhhh.

Any other needle suggestions out there? What are your favs?


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