Day Dreaming

Day dreaming about sewing machines… yup that is the standard around here.
Have you been lucky enough to use a blind hemmer? If not, man oh man you are missing out. You know that loopy stitch that you can find on the inside of your pant hem? That is the job of the magical blind hemmer. There is a version available on most machines but it really does not compare.
I have only used full industrial hemmers that would be just unnecessary for me at this point to have. However I was browsing along and look what found me!
A smaller portable version of this wonderful wonderful machine.
This is getting added to my dream studio list.

This machine works with just one thread (no bobbin necessary), it is a version of a chainstitch so you can easily pull out the entire hem if needed. The needle is curved allowing it to dip into your fabric just a smidge and back out to bite on just a little bit of the face giving it that “blind” look rather than a top stitched hem.

Sure beats hand stitching too!



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