Twist it, Hit it, Bop it, Pin it

quick post for today. While I really should be cleaning… I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the mighty upholstery twist pin. Image

These things are AMAZING to have if you have slipcovers. I originally picked them up from Joann’s years ago with the intention of getting a slipcover for my sad sad sad sofa. As with most things, I completely forgot I had these until this weekend.

I am in the process of reupholstering/slipcovering a chair. It is easiest to just leave the current fabric on only to find out I could not staple where I had intended to. Luckily I remembered these hiding in a drawer and they are holding everything in place just great. It just twists into the the layers of fabric and a cushion will hide the pins from view.

So if you are tired of a slipcover sliding around or find yourself with lacking staplability… try out these wonderful creations.

p.s. I will share the chair once it is done and we can discuss working with patterns and repeats.


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