Practicality Will Always Win

I finally started solving some of my organizational problems… Remember my fabulous cutting/pressing table that I made? Well those darn ironing board I used as the base made perfect sense when I thought I would not have the table up all the time and it could be moved. However in this place called reality, I soon realized that a table this size would be better suited to a more permanent place.

Previously with the ironing board legs, there was no room for any kind of storage underneath.

Things have changed!


While browsing online I found these bookshelves that are the perfect height (for me, remember you want it to hit around your waist so you are not bending over so much.)


Easy Peasy Storage… squeezy?

Looking at the last pic, you can tell that I put a couple of braces around the bookcases so the top wouldn’t slide around – the top isn’t attached but it definitely isn’t going anywhere.




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