Sliding Thread Catcher v 1.7

If you missed me post from yesterday I made a thread catcher that was attached to my sewing table. However I quickly realized that there was a flaw and the bag would falI at an angle versus stay straight against the bottom of the table. Here is a quick fix but you can easily change the original idea to incorporate a large “U” wire that acts as the track and attaches across the front of the bag versus the back.


with a couple of safety pins, I added some more hanger wire across the front, side and connected it to the track wire by just wrapping under and over.


This made it sturdy enough that the back stays up with the track height and does not sag down.

Again if you are planning ahead you can always add a couple more tabs or a casing and have one longer “U” of wire that goes across the front rather than just the back.


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