Sliding Thread Catcher

So I have a bad habit of just leaving a pile of snipped threads near my sewing machine… generally they end up on the floor rather than a waste basket. I decided to make a thread catcher but I really didn’t want it to be in the way like many are. So I made this slide out one using screw eyes and a coat hanger attached to the underside of my table.


Fabric & Lining
*cut to 27″ x 9.5″ for body
* cut 2 pieces 2″ x 3″ for tabs
Wire (hanger)
Screw Eyes

*** when sewing lining, just sew the first and last 1″ or 2, this will leave a big enough opening to turn and sew you boning onImage
sewing the corners will create a rectangular shape at the bottom of the bag




ImageTurn the bag right side outImageImage

topstitch to keep your lining from pulling up






woohoo! Now that it is done, I realize that the bag flops partially down but that isn’t a problem. If you are looking for something that will stick straight out then you may want to make a casing or more tabs and attach the wire to the front and sides rather than the back.

One more piece of my fabric stash has been used!


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