The Trusty Measuring Tape

I am getting packed up for a wonderful weekend in visiting my mother in South Carolina. On the way down I will be stopping to see my sister – she has just moved into a new apartment and has asked me to bring a tape measure to measure her windows (another curtain project yay!.)

As I was getting my metal tape measure packed- I thought it would be a good time to check my fabric tape measure. I try to do this every so often. I have a few different fabric tapes that I use (pretty sure they have been around for a few decades and passed down through the generations.)

Anyway if you never thought about this… go measure your measuring tapes! (or tape measures, I use both terms and I apologize if you are annoyed by my inconsistency.)

I had never heard of this until a couple of years ago when I was interning at an a well known national fashion chain in the tech department. I had been spec-ing a bunch of items and since I was new, my measurements were being checked by the department head. I could not figure out why I was constantly off by an 8th or so and finally asked if the designer would watch as I measured to see what was going on.

I was doing it just right and he didn’t see what the problem was until he used his tape measure to check the work… only to realize that his measuring tape had stretched out over time. It went right in the garbage… and 8th or two may not seem like a lot but it will add up over the number of pieces and certainly hurt communications between the department and manufacturer.

So find a ruler or metal tape measure and check your flexible fabric ones!


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