Sewists & Crafters HEEELLLPP!

Just a quick post and hoping I might be able to get some comments from anyone who may read this. Still working on putting together the new sewing room and I have been taking notes of things that will help me keep things organized. I will be getting some new short bookcases for under my cutting/pressing table (I am planning on putting nails in the side to hang my scissors, curves and rulers.) I think I will be hanging some sort of boxes or dividers on the wall to place my patterns all rolled up as I am working on them. I still need to get another trash receptacle (1 for fabric scraps and 1 for recycling paper.)

I would love any suggestions – what set-ups or must haves do you find make your work a lot easier?



  1. Gayle Davis

    The oversized zip-loc bags are great for organizing and keeping projects together. I keep a small shopping bag next to me when I am cutting fabrics. I toss the scraps in, and then put them in a larger sack when I am done. Once I get enough, I will put them in a old pillowcase, sew up the end, and take it to the animal shelter.
    This isn’t an organizational tip, but good lighting makes everything easier!!

  2. sewgreenflamingo

    awww I love that idea! I always try to save the bigger scraps and make small quilts for the animal shelter – but that is so much easier and I don’t have to throw away the small pieces. yay!!!

  3. Organizational Specialist

    Just finding your blog for the first time so not sure if you’ve addressed these questions already but what is the size of your space? And how are you storing your fabric? For a couple of photos for craft room organization check out or Hope this helps and good luck!

    • sewgreenflamingo

      Thanks so much for for sharing your craft room tips – my room is about 10 X 12. I was working in my attic where I think I will be able to continue to keep most of my fabric that folded and stacked in a cube organizer and some some of my non-everyday notions (glues, trims, buttons, zippers, books.) Right now I am trying to figure out the best way to keep my tools within reach but put away easily. I have a good size table to work on (36 x 58″) but it within minutes I will have 5 different rulers, tape measures, drawing utensils, scissors, tape spread out taking up a lot of space. I like to work on multiple projects at the same time (I will do a day of just pattern work and then a day of just sewing,) so I would like an efficient way to separate projects but have easy access to them while keeping my paper patterns rolled up rather than folded. Perhaps there is something I can hang on the wall next to me that will serve as easy storage even while I am working?

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