Window Decor

Alrighty I thought I would give you a little update on one of my current projects – new curtains for my sewing room. Yay! They are not quite done but should be up over the weekend. Image

As you can see they will be back tab panels. Now first I went shopping hoping to find panels I liked and I would be done with it – no luck. ICK ICK ICK why is everything so ugly (okay or out of the budget.)

Then I went to the fabric store. Blahhhhh everything is so boring.

Then I was at Homegoods where I found 2 cotton shower curtains! Success! I have 2 single windows to cover so I split these shower curtains in half and added a contrast band to the side out of some of my stash fabric. The cotton fabric is about 36″ and I wanted a 10″ side band so I cut 12.5″ (to include my seam and side hems) along with a small .5″ band all around (cut 3″ for side, bottom and 2″ for the top.)


Here it is coming together – next step is just the side hems and topstitching just to keep my layers in place at the top. What is that blur at the bottom? Oh of course it may be the reason that this seems to be taking forever…


note: at the moment there are 12 dog toys on the floor in this little room and I keep getting hit the leg with them.


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