Chevron Crazy Pillows

I know it’s everywhere but I loooooove chevron, loooooove it!

So obviously I needed to make some chevron pillows.


Baxter is becoming quite the model…

Anyway, I searched for a few days and online and could not find the right shade of yellow and size of print that I wanted. What was a diyer to do?? Oh yea spend some precious time by making her own print. Yay for freezer paper! Freezer paper makes a great stencil, if you iron with the shiney side down it will stick to your fabric allowing you to paint any shape that is cut out and then will peel off nicely when you are done. You may not be as crazy as I am but if you are… feel free to print this out (at least you can save a step)


I put this template together and just printed it out in gray scale on freezer paper. You do have to cut down the freezer paper to fit into your printer (print on non shiney side!) but you can cut and print the length as long as you would like. This is about 8.5″ x 18″. I was able to cut out a couple sheets of this while watching TV one evening.


now you can iron on your template and start to paint!


Freezer paper makes an excellent stencil! I used the general purpose Martha Stewart paint, it said it was permanent on fabric so I figured might as well try.

Once your paint is dry and you have the dimensions you want, square up and cut out your face (remember to add 1/2″ seam allowances to your desired finished size.)

I wanted to make a simple contrast flange that was pleated in the corner. For this I just cut a length of fabric and folded it in half (I cut 3″ wide so I would have a 1″ wide flange in the end.)


I marked my corners for the pleats, 1/2″ from the edges so I would know where to clip and turn my flange plus another 3/4″ from that mark for my pleat.


I sewed all around just under 1/2″ so I would not worry about seeing this stitch line when it was all together.


When sewing on your back maker sure you pleat is folded like this so the extra fabric does not get caught in your seam (you can always pin it to be safe.)

I chose to make a pillow sham where the back is two pieces that overlap for a couple of inches (makes a nice pocket to put your pillow form in.) You can always just sew on a back that is the same size as your face, just remember to leave enough unsewn to stuff and then hand sew it up.

*Hint* If you are stuffing your own pillow rather than using a premade form – make your own form with scrap fabric that finishes to 1″ bigger than your actual pillow size. (cut 2″ bigger than finished size, so if your pillow will be 12″ x 12″ cut 14″x14″) The extra bit will help fill out your corners.


remember to just have fun! it’s a pillow



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