Office Chair Face Lift!


So I have decided for the winter I will be setting up shop in the office/music room. I will hopefully keep a little warmer this way and will be more likely to do my sewing. Today I decided that I needed to do something with this awful ugly old office chair. I went straight to my fabric stash and pulled out a few contenders to recover the chair in. I first was thinking of something fun, maybe colorful with a pattern. Then I thought again… ick the general shape and design of this chair is boring and ugly… it serves it’s purpose but why on earth would I want to call attention to it. Can you imagine what a hot mess that could turn out to be?

Thankfully I found a nice mocha faux suede – give it a little classier fill but work just fine with the existing brown plastic and metal components.This project went by pretty quick – the plastic backing was just screwed on so I had easy access to the back cushion. As for the bottom seat cushion… I just stapled underneath and trimmed it close. The hardware did not get in the way and the fabric will not fray so I did not have to worry about covering the ends. easy peasy.


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