DIY Cutting Table – 95% complete!

ImageSo I waited until after the holidays to start working on my table that I had mentioned in a previous post. The actual table top is now complete and I will just need to attach the base.


  • plywood cut to desired measurements (I chose 36″ x 58″)
  • 1×2’s cut to match perimeter (2 @ 58″ and 2 @ 34.75″)
  • cotton batting
  • wool blanket
  • duck cloth (drop cloth could work)
  • staple gun and staples
  • power drill
  • wood screws

Step 1: Building the Frame

– trace the width of 1×2 around edges of your plywood as a guide for screw placement

– drill pilot holes around perimeter of plywood


-line up your cut 1×2’s and screw into place creating a frame or lip underneath plywoodImage



-get ready to staple by finding and marking the middle of your fabrics and board (this will help you keep the grain straight for a nice finish)



– staple away! Start on your top edge anchoring the middle and side points then fill in between anchor staples.

– Turn your board and follow the same steps on the bottom while pulling the fabric taught

– Finish stapling along the sides and trim excess fabric


– repeat upholstering steps with another layer of batting (I first used an old wool blanket and then cotton batting, remember to use natural fibers since this will be used as a pressing table)

– Line up the middle of your cover fabric on the bottom of the lip of your board (I staggered the placement of each layer edge so staples would not hit eachother.) Follow same anchoring and stapling techniques until you are done. You can fold and miter the corner edges and staple edge of fabric on the inside of the lip so you won’t see any unfinished edges once completed.



Voila!! Now I have a large surface to cut and press on. Fabric won’t slide around and it is completely pinnable!

This can be done in about 45 minutes – the stapling is rather quick although I broke it up into 5 minute chunks throughout the weekend since it can wear out my hand.

For now I can place this top on my regular table and sits at about 32″, I plan on attaching 2 ironing boards with screws to make a collapsible higher base.

This method can also be used to create a custom headboard or cornice… just to give you some more ideas…



  1. makelyhome

    This is going to be so great! My old cutting table was one of those portable jobbies from JoAnn, and I gave it away. THIS is going to rock, girl!

    Following in my reader!

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