The Quest: A Perfect Work Table


For years now I have been researching and planning on making a great cutting/pressing table. I envisioned a large piece of plywood that would be upholstered to withstand the heat of pressing and would be pinnable. It would live under my bed or couch and could sit on top of my table when needed. I even gathered ¾’s of the materials for this project but never followed through. It didn’t occurred to me (until now) that my chiropractor would probably lecture me if he knew of this plan. If I am going to put time and energy into this and would like to actually use it – I  really need something that would be higher than a standard sewing table, desk or kitchen table for that matter.

There are different plans here on the interwebs on building worktables and such but I have a small workspace and will eventually move to a larger one so I would like something that is portable. Through Ikea and Lowes I was searching for what could be taller legs that would also lend itself to transportability. With little luck on an affordable option I shelved the idea. Then yesterday, as I was standing at my ironing board thinking, “wow, this is the perfect working height for me… if only I could find some kind of leg/collapsible solution that is this height…”

Yup, it took me that long to realize I already had the answer in front of me. Since I tend to overthink things I continued to resurrect my table plan. I started calculating plywood costs and of course I would need to build a frame so the plywood wouldn’t warp and I would have something a little easier to staple to (gahhh, the worst part of making cornices was stapling to the plywood.) I was thinking maybe a 3’x5’  table… or I could spend a few dollars less on materials, save time and go with this 29”x 59” table top courtesy of Ikea for $35! Now, I fully intend to keep a look out in the “as-is” section of Ikea just in the off chance I find a better deal.

Brilliant. I do have some spare 1×3’s that I could cut and use as a brace through the ironing board and table top. Anyone foresee any issues? I suppose I should test the idea out, I do have a smaller table top (my current desk) that I can rest on my current ironing board to make sure it can withstand the weight. If this gives you any other ideas for a good work table, please share!


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