Burn it!

So I set out to find fabric for a new pair of pants. I found an unmarked fabric at the local discount fabric store (which will sadly be closing the location closest to me). I figured for $1.50 a yard I wasn’t too picky on the fabric content. When I got home I threw it in the washer and by the time it was dry I figured… well maybe I will try to figure out what it is.

I filled up the sink with some water and cut a small swatch. With a quick light I could tell it was self-extinguishing which meant it was either a protein fiber or could be a type of synthetic. I pulled apart the threads to see if I could get a better idea, it appears I have a blend on my hand. While some yarns left an ashy pile others seem to harden. I am guessing a wool/poly blend. Can’t beat that for a $1.50.

I was hoping I could share the wonderful chart that I used back in the day of textile science class, however that must be long gone. Here is another helpful chart that I found that lists the burn properties for many fibers. http://www.fiber-images.com/Free_Things/Reference_Charts/free_reference_charts_fiber_content_guide.html

Do you ever find yourself doing the burn-test on an unknown fabric?


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